What You Need to Know When it Comes to Suspenders

These days, fashion dictates that a well-dressed man is equipped with a high quality belt. However, belts are known to be one of the things that are relatively a new invention in fashion's history. Before World War I, military uniforms used belts primarily, if not solely, for a decorative piece that can complete its overall look. Moreover, there was an accepted, loved, and well-known apparatus that was used in holding up one's trousers during that time and it is called suspenders or also referred as braces.

The existence of suspenders was dated back in the 18th century. For one reason or another, strips of ribbon was attached to the buttonholes of trousers at that time and suspenders was even considered as an undergarment. It was something that the public should not see as it can cause humiliation. But in the 1820's, a great designer started to make versions of the Mighty Good Man modern suspenders that we now know. This time period had a fashion trend prescribing men to wear trousers that were high-waisted and the use of belts would not be able to hold them well. Thus, this was the time when suspenders became a necessity for men's clothing.

On the other hand, low-sitting or low-rise trousers were created on the 20th century, which means that there was no need to wear suspenders anymore. Its trend faded significantly and all throughout the 1920's, it became a medical device that were prescribed by doctors in treating posture and have a slimmer gut. As time passed by, suspenders was considered as an undergarment until the late 1930's and early 1940's. Gentlemen at that time made a protest about it. During the 1960's, a working class incorporated suspenders on their looks. It was combined with tight jeans that does not necessarily need something to stay in place. In the 1970's, suspenders were adopted by some working men and they included them in their wardrobe to have a "unisex" kind of look. It was during the 1980's that the trend of suspenders was regarded as a fashion forward and sensual look when it is hanging from one's waist. At the same time, a fictional character from a famous show also associated such thing with nerdiness. Read https://www.reference.com/beauty-fashion/wear-suspenders-pants-b6837387949812b9 to know more about suspenders.

At present, there is already a unique fascination and revival of men's fashion in combination with the 20th century class, style, and culture. You can link them to mustaches, fedoras, speakeasies, and most of all, suspenders at www.mightygoodman.nl .